The rankings are taking shape

An incredibly enjoyable day for everyone today, with perfect side-shore conditions, peaking at about 20 knots during the morning session, then calming down to a steady 11 knots as the day’s full-on racing came to a conclusion.
Racing was split over two areas, both on an “M” course for the most part, and all the young competitors rose to the occasion and conditions, with some intense action on the slalom sections, always great sport in the right conditions. 

There were 3 Techno Plus races today, and 2 for the other fleets. The rankings are taking shape and although there are only 2 days of racing left there are still lots of vital points to be won or lost. Israeli sailors still hold a lot of of the boss cards, but it was a good day for Italy, with Giorgia Speciale and Nicolo Renna standing on top step of the podium overnight in their respective classes, and for Britain’s Finn Hawkins, his 2 wins today jumping him up to 3rd in the Youth Male fleet. 

Tomorrow’s forecast is stormy, with winds gusting up to 30 knots! Challenging conditions whatever your level. An interesting day in prospect with everything to win and lose, before the closing day on Saturday.
You can see all the results and standings here : 

It’s always interesting to hear someone else’s point of view, so check this interview with the national coach of Poland Maciej Dziemiańczuk:  
The place is a dream and today was warm and windy, tomorrow another great day in the forecast, what can you want more. The competitors are happy with the races today, there can always be mistakes, but today we can’t complain. Well, maybe except for the results, as our team was hoping for more and not all faces were smiling. We need to do more training on the Techno293Plus before heading off for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.” 


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