Challenge accepted

The Championship got underway today in good winds of 15-18 knots. After yesterday’s test session and given the forecast the organisers decided to hold all the racing in one area, rather than two.

Racing was continuous, but the onshore conditions were challenging, for the competitors and for the race committee!

All the same, racing started early and carried on ‘til late, you never know what tomorrow might bring! 16 races were run across all the categories, so everyone saw some action during the day.

It was a great show, and a fantastic advert for everything that is best about windsurfing as a beach sport, for the crowd and for the competitors. (Isn’t that what the IOC are asking for from their sailing events?)

Big thanks to all the race committee, especially
- Race Director Janis Jekabsons
- Principal Race Officer Rui Raimundo from Portugal

Events like this cannot happen without full co-operation and effort of many volunteers… and the International team are exactly that, volunteers serving the sport they love. The Techno293 class has a team that is there to make every competitor’s experience the best it can possibly be. They aim to ensure “fair play” according to the rules of our sport. There will always be winners medals, but it’s not all about where you finished, it’s whether you enjoyed the experience. Enough to come back next year and try again?

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